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Creating the Front Page

Creating the layout for any news page is a crucial step in the creation of a newspaper. So it’s no great surprise that the design and layout of a newspaper is the most important part in assembling a paper, whether it’s a daily, weekly or monthly publication. In order to create a visually appealing and well-organized page I had to follow several guidelines which helped to create a well organized and functional page.

The minimum visual requirements were to have at least three visual elements. Including the Kevin and Bean logo next to the newspaper’s title, I have five. The front page includes three main articles with headlines and a side-bar with its own headline. The sidebar is denoted with a yellow background to separate it visually from the other stories.

I used conversational decks for the Dr. Drew and Henry Rollins stories attempting to increase interest in those two stories.

In Trump Gets Trumped I used a pull-quote along with a mugshot of Donald Trump that I thought was appropriate for the story. Trump gave himself credit for Obama showing his birth-certificate, which he got a great deal of criticism for. The picture is definitely something Kevin and Bean would post on their site. 

Every headline and piece of text conformed to the style guide to keep a uniform appeal to the page. Every story contained a jump line as many stories in popular papers often do.  Every article also had a byline with my name and email on it. Photos were all credited as courtesy photos since they were actually pulled from Google.

I pulled all of these separate elements together to create the paper that I thought Kevin and Bean would produce if they were to produce a weekly paper with their show’s segments. I was inspired by USA Today for the overall style. I like how they use a lot of images in their paper and although the stories often lack depth, the paper is very popular because of its visual appeal.

For the title I was inspired by LA Weekly. They use a “LA” logo next to the word “weekly” and have a date for their paper on the right hand side like I did for my page.

At the end of the project I spent a lot of time massaging the page elements to make them match up. Since Adobe Illustrator uses text boxes I had to make sure all the columns were aligned. The same went for images.


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