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How to make a business card with AI: CS3

I began my business card by opening a new “print document”. I set the size to 3.5×2 inches.

In order to meet the first requirement of using the polygon tool I created a polygon with many sides in order to resemble the sun setting. Then I created and filled a box around the name text with the same color scheme, creating the image of the sun setting on the water. This made the most important part stand out from the rest of the card.

To meet the next criterion I created a border along the left side of the page with the pen tool and filled with one of the brush tools. I did the same under my name and title in order to enforce the importance and draw the eye to the top of the card first.

The “j” at the bottom left corner of the card is imitating the Twitter “t”. To do this I pulled an image of the Twitter logo from the web and dragged it into my Illustrator project. Then I drew a rounded square using the rounded square tool and filled with the same color Twitter uses. I found the image of a j online as well and simply filled the background to match the box. Obviously the “j” stands for John, the first name on the card and serves as an additional way to make the name on the card more memorable.

The different colors and shapes also give the card depth. The “j” stands out as the “closest” image. If whoever looks at the card can remember the logo they will most likely be able to remember who the card belongs too.

The name appears softer, or further away because of the sunset colors. The rounded corner in the bottom right creates another layer of depth and gives the eye more reason to explore the entire card.

In the bottom right I used the pen tool to create the rounded corner. This ensures that whoever looks at the card will see the contact info because there is something for them to look at on both the left and right sides of the card; thus creating “movement”.

Other than that, the card is simple in design. I wanted a clean, simple card with the necessary information that wouldn’t be overwhelming to the eye.

The contrast in color draws the eye first to the most important information while the spacing of the images and borders make sure that the eye move across the entire card.

A simpler alternative


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